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Interested in helping to lead the ChickTech movement?  We would love to have you!  More info on Leadership Team roles  Any gender is welcome to participate in any volunteer/staff/board member position.  Please see our inclusion policy for more information.

Janice Levenhagen-Seeley

Founder and Executive Director

Janice is owner and principal of Embla Consulting, a marketing and business consulting firm for small businesses.  She is also co-founder of trovi, a seed-stage tech startup located in Portland, Oregon.  Janice has a BS in Computer Engineering from Oregon State University and an MBA from Willamette University.  She believes strongly that the diversity and strengths that women can bring will push high tech to even more impressive heights.  Her inspiration for creating ChickTech came from her own experiences in computer engineering and the realization that the percentage of women in engineering isn’t going to get higher by itself. LinkedIn

Jennifer Davidson

Program Manager

Jennifer is a Computer Science PhD candidate at Oregon State University. Her research focus is in human-computer interaction, specifically involving older adults in the design and development of open source software. Aside from research, she enjoys doing outreach with women in technology. She is a Systers member and helps with ChickTech. In her free time, she’s a live music goer, beer enthusiast and road tripper. You can find her on twitter @jewifer. LinkedIn

Renée Rutz

Project Manager

Renee comes from a technology background with experience in the software development world of Microsoft and Corporate IT at Russell Investments. She has a BA in Business Administration with an emphasis in Information Systems and an MA in Organizational Communications. She was a charter member of the Microsoft diversity group “Hoppers” (named in honor of Grace Murray Hopper) which was founded to air the concerns of technical women. Her involvement in ChickTech brings her full circle to encouraging girls and women in technology. Renee likes coordinating, communicating, and generally getting stuff done for ChickTech, as well as working with this great group of women. LinkedIn

Renee Ferron

Marketing Director

Christine Placek

Documentation Manager

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Bay Area Leadership Team

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Jennifer Davidson

Program Manager

Béatrice Moissinac

Logistics Manager

Holly Arnold

Fundraising Manager

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Breland Oscar

Participant Outreach