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There are many ways you can help ChickTech thrive. We look forward to your joining us.


Please consider donating/sponsoring, whether as an individual or as an organization.  For more information on sponsorship levels, please click here.

For every $500 given, we offer one seat at our exclusive celebration event at the end of each cohort’s year and various recognition on our marketing materials. Donate today.


ChickTech provides one‐on-­one tech mentors for ChickTech: High School participants in Portland and San Francisco (our sites for our year-­long programs). Join us today as a mentor.

Interested in Partnering for an Event?

Fill out this form with as much information as you have available!

ChickTech: Career partners

We are looking for partners for ChickTech: Career.

Contact us if you think you can help or have questions. Needs for this track include:

  • A core team of volunteers to continue fleshing this out
  • Businesses to host each monthly event (space for 50 women working on computers or creating something with their hands)
  • Funds for scholarships to the event
  • In-kind donations of event funds

Other kinds of support

We can always use help with internships, crafting follow-up events, career events, and physical space.  Please let us know how you’d like to get involved. Please also feel free to download our flyer with our current needs to share with your community.

Thank You!

Thank you to all of our partners from our ChickTech: High School, Class of 2013 kickoff event.  Our amazing volunteers, supporters and partners helped us by:

  • Putting together the “Tech Show” (an 1.5 hour long event at the end of the weekend where the girls demonstrate their creations to the public)
  • Designing engaging, challenging, and non-stressful workshops
  • Providing funds/in-kind donations for catering at the event
  • Providing funds for ChickTech t-shirts
  • Lending personal laptops to the girls during the event
  • Donating in-kind donations of cool prizes, including swag
  • Providing internship opportunities for our participants