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We believe everyone belongs in STEM—and we're here to make that a reality.

From webinars & mentorship opportunitites for women, girls & non-binary people of all ages to helping companies commit to diverse practices, ChickTech is making waves in tech.

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Who We Are

ChickTech is dedicated to advancing diversity in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) by increasing retention and building the pipeline of underrepresented technologists, with a focus on women, girls, and non-binary people of all ages.

Meet Chinasa, a high school student who once questioned if she belonged in tech. She found her place in our programs, attending workshops, joining the ChickTech: High School Student Leadership Committee, and even working as our Website Design Intern!

Today, she’s attending university in North Carolina studying computer engineering. ChickTech’s programs transform lives like Chinasa’s, opening doors and lighting the way to a brighter future.

Our Mission

ChickTech is dedicated to advancing diversity in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) by increasing retention and building the pipeline of underrepresented technologists, with a focus on women, girls, and non-binary people of all ages.

Our Vision

ChickTech envisions a future where all people—regardless of gender expression, racial identity, disability, age, or amount of experience in tech—feel welcome and empowered in an inclusive STEM community.

Our Impact

Thanks to our dedicated community, we have begun to recover from several difficult years navigating new ways to stay connected while practicing social distancing. As we celebrate ten years of ChickTech starting in 2022, our passion for supporting the current and next generation of STEM leaders and innovators is only growing.

949 participants

We’re building a national community that brings together hundreds of youth and adults of all genders annually through our events and workshops.

34 states & 15 countries

We’re proud to have reached technologists from urban and rural locations around the world.

250 new volunteers

Our new volunteer model focuses on task- and project-based roles, allowing for even more flexibility in giving back.

46 events

ChickTech events and workshops support the careers and confidence of both youth and adults in STEM.

Who We Serve

Adult-Focused Events: Although ChickTech focuses on the needs of those who identify as women/girls for these events and our goal is to empower women and girls, we welcome people of all genders to our events and as volunteers. Any person, regardless of gender, may be asked to not participate and/or leave if they are being disruptive or creating an unwelcome environment for others.

Youth-Focused Events: At ChickTech K-12 programs, any child who identifies as a girl is welcome to participate. We also welcome trans youth of any gender, gender fluid youth, and non-binary youth. At partner events, this policy may vary. The aforementioned populations will always be welcome, but, for example, a library may ask that all children be allowed to participate.

Our Partners & Sponsors:

ChickTech helps companies create a more empowered and inclusive workplace. When companies partner with ChickTech they demonstrate that they are responsible leaders working to create a world in which people want to do business, and a world in which people want to live.

Inclusion at ChickTech

As we work to create a global movement that includes all people, diversity and inclusivity are extremely important to us. We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members of our staff, volunteers, and program participants.

Why "Chick"?

When ChickTech was founded, we chose ‘chick’ to reclaim the word, with the belief that women have the right to call themselves by whatever label they choose. However, we understand and acknowledge that the word ‘chick’ does not represent all those we aim to serve.

We prioritize the continuous evolution of our brand, including our name, to ensure ChickTech is an empowering organization that reflects our diverse community and the greater technology industry.

The ChickTech Difference

  • We’ve built a community tailored for young professionals and career-changers to help them learn skills, make advancements, and feel valued in their tech careers. Our programs focus on the needs of women and non-binary adults, but we welcome male allies to participate, too!
  • Our youth programs are targeted towards girls and non-binary youth who don’t think of themselves as technical but who have the aptitude to do well in it. We find the students who aren’t opting into other STEM programs, and we change their idea of who they can be and who a technologist is.
  • We believe all people—regardless of how technical they are—are valuable members of the STEM community. Most of our high school students have never coded or created a tech project before… but two-thirds of them continue exploring more tech opportunities after their time with us!

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Volunteer to Support ChickTech

ChickTech is working to advance a diverse pipeline of girls and non-binary students into STEM careers, and we want YOU to get involved!

There are many ways to donate your time and expertise. You can help us coordinate in-person or virtual workshops, promote the program within your local community, and conduct outreach to high schools, to name a few roles. We can’t wait for you to join our community!

A male adult volunteer instructs two high school girls during a ChickTech robotics workshop.