Janice Levenhagen

Founder, CEO

Janice has a BS in Computer Engineering from Oregon State University and an MBA from Willamette University.
She believes strongly that the diversity and strengths that women bring will push technology to even more impressive heights.  Her inspiration for creating ChickTech came from her own experiences in computer engineering and the realization that the percentage of women in engineering isn’t going to get higher by itself.


Sally Deck

Program Director

Sally, an avid supporter of the advancement of girls and women, grew up in Oregon and has called Portland home since 1999. She grew up in a family of feminists who always pushed her to relentlessly pursue her passions, remain tenderhearted, and practice resiliency. Sally has a Master’s degree in Communication and Leadership Studies from Gonzaga University with concentrations in Teaching and Pedagogy and Intercultural Communication. This allows her to hold onto the big vision of ChickTech while handling the complex reality of daily logistics.

Ashly Alberto

Development Director

Ashly is a strong advocate of women’s issues and that diversity is essential in achieving innovation. She is an experienced fundraising professional with a successful record of engaging individuals and corporations in making a difference within their community. Ashly has previously worked on development initiatives with the American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, and other local non-profits in her hometown of Houston, TX. Her ability to maintain a big picture perspective as well as the steps needed to get there, ensures ChickTech achieves its vision.

Board of Directors

Beena Ammanath

Beena Ammanath is Executive Director for Data Science at General Electric. She brings over 23 years of technological and leadership experience to ChickTech. Prior to GE, she has held engineering and management positions with a number of international organizations including British Telecom, E*trade, Thomson Reuters and Silicon Valley startups. She holds a Masters in Computer Science and MBA in Finance.

Beena is a strong advocate for empowering women in STEM. She believes that STEM fields hold many opportunities for women and works hard to be a role model for both women currently in the field and girls and women looking at STEM as a possible career choice.


Christine Placek

 Christine works as a computer architect for Intel Corporation and has bachelor’s and master’s degrees in electrical engineering.  After graduating from college, she felt a personal responsibility to help diversify the world of tech and prevent it from becoming a monoculture.  In addition to being on the board, she teaches Arduino workshops for ChickTech and loves to introduce girls to electronics and programming.  Her other interests are playing piano, swimming, and traveling.

Mark Lewis

As the STEM Policy Director for Oregon’s Chief Education Office, Mark leads efforts to build an inclusive and vibrant STEM ecosystem that inspires and prepares students to express their talents, and improve the well-being of our communities. With an undergraduate degree from Caltech and a Master’s Degree in Education, he brings over 30 years of experience in STEM and youth development — from his first career as a satellite engineer, to teaching high school science and mathematics, to leading professional development with hundreds of teachers and administrators. Additional professional experiences include senior university administration, as well as more than 10 years with the Peace Corps leading community development programs in the South Pacific and the Middle East. A lifelong educator, tinkerer, and advocate for youth, Mark is driven by a passion for the critical roles that education, culture, curiosity, and play have in shaping individuals and society.

Priya Cloutier

Priya Cloutier is the founder of Cloutier Global, a full services Technology Law Firm. After working for large law firms, Priya chose to pursue her passion of working with start-ups and emerging companies helping them build their business. Priya’s background is in Nuclear Engineering and Theoretical Mathematics. Prior to becoming a lawyer, she spent many years developing methods to measure and manage nuclear and chemical waste. She has worked at Los Alamos National Engineering Laboratories, Idaho National Engineering Laboratories, and Hanford. Priya’s engineering experience helped her find a passion for clean technologies and energy, economic improvement, and bringing new ideas to the world.

Priya dedicates much of her passion to advancing women and girls in STEM and entrepreneurship. She blogs for the Washington Technology Association about women entrepreneurs and often speaks on the topic. She became a fan of ChickTech because the organization considers the entire life of girls and women – from seeking a STEM education to obtaining leadership position in STEM careers.


Advisory Board

Suzie Clark

Suzanne (Suzie) Clark

Suzie Clark is Senior Vice President of Enterprise Sales at Bolste, a software start-up focused on empowering people to simplify their work life.  She has a 20 year track record where she has personally sold more than $50M in software solutions and managed strategic relationships with leadership at start-ups as well as Fortune companies. She has received numerous awards during her strategic software sales, alliances and business development  career including Frost Data Capital, Informatica Corporation, Ascential Software (now IBM) and Brio Technology (now Oracle).

Suzie grew up in the heart of Silicon Valley and learned the importance of Science and Mathematics from her father, a high tech engineering executive.  She believes in mentoring young people and women to pursue technology careers based on her personal experiences where she is continuously inspired by technology innovation, the potential impact on our daily lives, and limitless opportunities for career development.


Tyler Bel

Tyler Bel, an early technology adopter, grew up as a visual and performing artist who always knew that she would end up working with digital leaders and innovators as well as the entertainment industry. In the entertainment industry, Tyler saw opportunities where many did not and found that her creativity and passion for business development led to a position as Executive TV Producer. She then launched her own production company as well as a digital agency. Even though her passions for technology and entertainment were being met, Tyler found a higher calling in helping advance people’s dreams.

Miss Bel found herself becoming the “conduit to the people you need to know where and when you need to know them”, which catapulted her to develop her own consulting firm, There Is No Sky. In her current consulting role, Tyler Bel utilizes her expertise in branding,communications, business development as well as interpersonal relationships to connect the vital dots that lead to her clients’ success.


Rose Robinson


Marketing Committee

Julie Rutherford-Fields

Julie once worked in Oregon Attorney General’s Office where she overhauled impenetrable government websites to meet the needs of the ordinary citizen. She also mobilized grassroots support to pass legal protections for consumers, the environment, and civil rights.

Today she serves as the Communications Director for the Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science at Portland State University and manages the PSU High School Innovation Challenge.

Equal parts anthropological experiment and genuine interest, Julie is currently inching her way toward a master’s degree in computer science.

Paige Dickson

Paige is an award winning project manager with over 10 years experience.  Her early experience as developer and system analyst started her passion to increase opportunities for women in tech.  Currently, her daughter motivates her to build additional opportunities and change the numbers for girls pursuing STEM degrees. Paige loves the mission of ChickTech, which creates opportunities for both women and girls.

When Paige isn’t running successful projects, she is an avid adventure traveler.  She recently returned from living in Munich, Germany for two years with her family.  During this time, she explored 14 countries and 100s of cities throughout Europe and Northern Africa.  

Maria Magner

Maria brings a decade of digital marketing and journalism experience to ChickTech. Passionate about technology and women in leadership, she understands that innovation comes from a diverse set of voices. As a marketing consultant, Maria works with small businesses and nonprofits.

“I believe every organization has a story to tell and I’ve spent my career creating material that connects with people by telling that story.”

Whether it’s editing home videos or making art out of thrift store finds, Maria loves making beautiful things and sharing them with the world. Learn more about her at www.mariamagner.com.  

Jennifer Sharp

Jen has a background in healthcare marketing, and has spent the last several years focusing on the digital experience. It wasn’t until she worked on mobile application and online software projects that she realized her passion for technology. She is now determined to help other women pursue their own passions through ChickTech.

When Jen isn’t practicing marketing wizardry, you can find her hiking one of Oregon’s many trails, watching documentaries, or practicing her graphic design skills.

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