Announcing our New Look

To celebrate #10YearsofChickTech and continue to grow our inclusivity, we’re launching a revamp of the ChickTech brand!

Author: Dani Gehm · National Marketing Manager – ChickTech
Post Date: January 11, 2023

Exciting news—ChickTech has a new look! The journey to our recently refreshed brand began with introspection. For several years, we’ve been thinking about how the ​​ChickTech ​​brand should represent our organization, community, and the passion we all feel for advancing equity in tech. It has always been important to our team that ChickTech feels safe, welcoming, and inclusive. From our events and programs to our culture and brand, we’re dedicated to constantly learning, evaluating, and adjusting to make the ChickTech experience reflect our mission and values.

Meet our New Brand

After several years of working with and soliciting feedback from people of all backgrounds and levels of involvement in our work, we’re proud to release a new logo and brand identity to bring ChickTech ​​into its second decade of impact.

Here’s a look at some of the guiding principles and ideas that helped us develop our brand evolution:

Color and Gender

A question that we are often asked is about the color pink appearing in our logo. We are often told that girls don’t have to like pink, which we absolutely agree on! However, we feel it’s also okay when girls *do* like pink. We chose to uplift the important principle that activities and colors labeled as traditionally ‘feminine’ belong in STEM. Our refreshed brand and logo shake things up with bold, trendy tones like bright coral and royal purple.

Conveying STEM Innovation

What’s in a font? Though our previous logo featured a fun, curly script, we wanted something with more connection to the industries we love dearly. We saw this as an opportunity to customize our logo using a bold and legible typeface, transforming it to achieve a high-tech feel.

You may also notice that “tech” is what we chose to highlight in our new logo! Although we are continuing to evaluate the feasibility of a full name change, our new logo places the emphasis on “tech,” which aligns with our focus on shifting the industry to be more inclusive, diverse, and representative. We work with not only those who identify as women, girls, or “chicks” but also allies and those of other marginalized genders, like non-binary and gender-fluid youth and adults.

Keeping it Inclusive

Lastly, we rolled out a set of new brand and communication guidelines to keep DEI (diversity, equity & inclusion) top-of-mind for our team. The guidelines aim to help ensure all members of our community feel safe, supported, and welcome. This means avoiding bias and generalizations in our language and imagery, featuring a wide range of identities in marketing materials, and using words inclusive of non-binary and transgender people… just to name a few notes from our guidelines.

What’s Next?

Our team can’t wait to roll out our new ChickTech brand, especially as a way to kick off our next decade of work with a fresh look and feel. Over the next few months, you’ll see updates to our website, social media profiles, emails, and more—and don’t worry, we’ll be launching new merch soon so you can rock the new look, too!

We welcome you to give us your feedback about our new logo and brand. Send us an email at [email protected], or reach out to our National Marketing Manager, Dani Gehm, at [email protected].