Author : Mikala Vidal

Back to School with STEM Scholarships

This year ChickTech partnered with Vision Service Plan (VSP) to provide college scholarships for ChickTech: High School alumni pursuing careers in technology. Applications came in from highly-qualified participants who will be attending top schools such as UC Berkeley, Rochester Institute of Technology, Smith College, University of Michigan, Purdue University, and University of Washington.

We wish our alumni recipients the best of luck as they settle into the 2017 fall semester. Each recipient is awarded $1,000 to be used toward their education. Here’s some plan to use the money and their ChickTech skills to advance their STEM success:

“I would love to explore the ways in which computer science can be applied to improve the human health and assist those in need. This award will greatly help me and my family pay for tuition, allowing me to fully concentrate on my studies and enable me to become closer to my goals of becoming a programmer that leaves an impact in the world. ” – Ayumi Mizuno

“I hope to use the $1,000 to purchase textbooks for my college classes. I’m overloading on my classes next semester because I am a double major in Physics and Computer Science so textbooks are costing me more. I also hope to purchase an Arduino kit or other hardware of some sort to be used in hackathons.” – Ka Ki Fung

“This scholarship will directly contribute to my purchase of a MacBook Pro. Without this scholarship, I would not be able to afford such a laptop. This scholarship will be a big contribution and will help me with my education in the STEM field.” – Kelly Chau

“I am currently working on a project in a lab where I am designing, coding and building an Arduino robo car that can detect surrounding objects and alternate its speed and direction accordingly. I want to further my knowledge of hardware and coding. With financial support, I’ll be able to experiment more and have a larger range of devices I could create. ” – Linda Do

Our current year of ChickTech: High School launches this fall and demand is higher than ever! Help us reach 2,400 girls this year by making a donation today to support our programs.

Interested in joining ChickTech: High School? Reach out to your local chapter for more information about their 2017-2018 high school events.