ChickTech: Career events are focused on creating community among women and providing them with the support they need, whether it be career-focused, technical, or emotional and social.

ACT-W Conference

ACT-W is a conference designed to help women professionals network, grow their skills, and discover employers looking for exceptional talent. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet tech and business mentors, learn from our speakers, build technical and social skills, and exchange experiences.

Imposter Syndrome Workshop

Imposter syndrome is a phenomenon that predominantly affects women where we live in fear of being found out as an “imposter” because we are unable to internalize our achievements. Sound like you? It probably does. It is estimated that about 70% of women suffer from it at some point in their lives.

Unfortunately no amount of education or success is going to help you overcome it. Leading psychologists attribute imposter syndrome in women to a fear of failure, lack of self-acceptance and a tendency to attribute success to external factors. If you are struggling with imposter syndrome it’s likely you aren’t going to go for the bigger position because you don’t think you are qualified, you aren’t going to take that risk and start your own company and you sure as hell aren’t going to ask for the raise you deserve. So how do you combat these traits that are more often than not ingrained in us from childhood?

Negotiation Workshop

Arduino/Soft Circuits Workshop

Film Showings

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