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ChickTech Summer Reading List

Are you an avid reader?

Here at ChickTech, we’ve been doing some summer reading- and we highly recommend you check out Grace and Grit: My Fight for Equal Pay and Fairness at Goodyear and Beyond, written by Lilly Ledbetter with Lainer Scott Isom.

This book tell the true story of Lilly Ledbetter, and her fight against the gender discrimination she faced at Goodyear Tire company.

Our mission is all about helping women enter and stay in technology- a male-dominated field, so Lilly’s battle for equality is very similar to what women in tech could experience.

Check out our intern’s reviews:

I loved this book. It was a very personal memoir, chock-full of sadness, happiness, and a very honest account of a hard working, middle class life. Moreover, reading through the blatant discrimination that Lilly faced was an important reminder that the fight for equality is not over.

This is a quick read, and utterly relevant for anyone interested in politics, feminism, or today’s workplace culture.

-Annie Savaria-Watson


Grace and Grit is an inspiring although sad story about how Lilly Ledbetter, new to the Goodyear tire company, became a manager and dedicated her life to that company. Still, she was repaid throughout her career by discrimination, being paid less than her male counterparts, and being transferred more often than any other manager. This book opened my eyes to many of the workplace injustices committed against women and the unfair treatment that comes from speaking out. We may be allowed to work with men, but being treated as equals? We are still fighting for that.

I would recommend this book for anyone who is strong of spirit. It  made me question if I would want to going into engineering, because of some of the sexism and harassment Lilly Ledbetter faced, and the fear of being forced to go through some of the same injustices. This book shows that that kind of thinking is not the way to a better future.

-Hannah Mead

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