What is ChickTech: High School? ChickTech: High School is a year-long program that introduces a cohort of around 100 high school girls to technology and their local tech community. It kicks off with a 2-day event in November and continues with subsequent events, mentoring, and internship opportunities for the next 8-12 months.

What do students gain from participating?
Our program provides a fun, positive learning experience designed to build participants’ confidence in their technical abilities, provide them with positive role models, help them create connections with other young women from their community, and create a positive association with technology creation. Learn more about our workshops.

What does it cost? We are proud to offer ChickTech:High School program at no cost to high school participants. We also provide transportation help as needed, meals and snacks at events, and a childcare stipend if needed for participants who have children.

Can only girls participate in ChickTech events? For our K-12 programs, any child who identifies as a girl is welcome to participate. However, at partner events, this policy may vary. For example, a library may ask that all children be allowed to participate. The benefit of an all-girl experience is supported by a significant body of research. Learn more about our inclusion policy.

How many students can I nominate? Educators may nominate up to 15 sophomore- or junior-level high school students. However, we are flexible–if you have a senior or freshman who you think would particularly benefit from our program, please feel free to nominate them. Have more than 15? Ask your local ChickTech chapter representative if they have room for you to nominate more!

What is the nomination criteria? We rely on educators to help us identify high school girls who demonstrate an aptitude to succeed in technology-related disciplines whether or not they recognize their own potential. We encourage extra effort given to reaching those who are considered at-risk and/or in alternative schools or programs. We ask that at least one-third of ChickTech: High School nominees qualify for the National School Lunch Program. See a sample request for nominations.

How much experience do students need? None. In fact we strongly encourage the nomination of girls who have never participated in technology programs or classes before. Our goal is to have ⅔ of our participants with no experience, although we would never turn away a registered participant because they do have experience!

Why do you request nominations? This unique recruitment strategy not only reaches the intended demographic (those who have not self-selected into technology), it also creates excitement among participants by providing them with an immediate boost of confidence through the recognition of their strengths and abilities. It also allows us to get a more diverse set of participants with minimal effort from busy teachers and counselors!

When is the nomination deadline? All ChickTech: High School nominations must be received a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the event kick-off in November. For specific details and deadlines, please contact your local ChickTech chapter.

Where can I direct parents who have questions? Please refer parents to FAQs for Parents or direct them to contact your local ChickTech chapter.

I love what ChickTech is doing, how can I get more involved? We are always in need of volunteers to help organize and promote our events, lead workshops and raise money to support our programs. Visit your chapter’s local website to see their needs and connect. As an educator, providing connections to other schools and encouraging them to participate is extremely helpful!

If ChickTech is not yet active in your community learn how you can start a new chapter.

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