ChickTech: For Companies

When companies partner with ChickTech they demonstrate that they are responsible leaders working to create a world in which people want to do business, and a world in which people want to live.

Whether it’s as simple as spreading the word or as big as making a financial donation, your company can give to the ChickTech community. Please contact [email protected] to get started.

Partner with ChickTech and join a network of influencers who are truly committed to advancing diversity in technology. Take a look at the impact we were able to achieve with the support of our current partners in our most recent Annual Report.

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Partnership Opportunities

National Sponsorship

Help us advance our programs to retain women in the technology workforce and increasing the number of women and girls pursuing technology-based careers. We are always seeking sponsors to provide support in growing our programs and building our capacity at the national level.

Event Partnerships

ACT-W conferences are a great way to make your commitment to diversity known. Event partnerships can be customized to fit your goals and overall direction. ChickTech also loves partnering on conferences and career events, let us know if you have something in mind.


In-Kind Partnerships

ChickTech relies on the generosity of in-kind partners to share their resources to build our collective strength. We are always looking for program and meeting space, professional services, t-shirts, supplies, swag, printing, raffle prizes, and more. We also have volunteer opportunities for companies, big and small!

ChickTech: Jobs

If you’re a company looking for diverse talent, then you are familiar with the many benefits of having a diverse team. ChickTech: Jobs reaches a strong and connected network of technical women, many of whom are actively or passively looking for a new position. Our national network consists of 15,000 members and is rapidly expanding daily.

ChickTech: Jobs

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