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Advancing the Careers of Technical Women (ACT-W) helps create an equitable future for people of all genders in technology and beyond.

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Professional Opportunities

ChickTech: Jobs

Are you looking for a new job in tech? Check out our Job Board, and reach out to a strong and connected network of companies looking to hire diverse talent to fill some great jobs! Looking to recruit a talented technical professional? Our national network of technologists of all genders is rapidly expanding—join with our networking of companies who have embraced the many benefits of building a diverse and inclusive team.

ChickTech: Jobs

ACT-W Conferences

Ranging from local or regional one-day events to a national week-long experience, Advancing the Careers of Technical Women (ACT-W) Conferences bring together people of all genders to build a community of support and empowerment leading to an equitable technology future that includes equal pay, participation, and representation. While we focus on the needs of women and non-binary individuals, we welcome people of all genders into our community and at our events.

What makes ACT-W conferences unique is our emphasis on inclusion, and access to an inter-generational community that supports technologists throughout the cycles of their careers. Regardless of how technical you are, there is something you can take away from ACT-W, and you are welcome here! From 1:1 career coaching to technical workshops to shifting corporate culture to a space of inclusion, all conferences are action-oriented, leaving attendees feeling included, empowered, and ready to accelerate their careers.

Interested in becoming a speaker at one of our conferences? We’re always looking for people who want to teach workshops and speak! Learn about our opportunities at an upcoming conference!



ACT-W+ is an online membership platform that brings community and engaging professional development events to your screen. Whether you are thinking of a career switch into technology, have been in the industry since dial-up internet, or are simply interested in advancing your skills, ACT-W+ provides you with the connections, skills, and confidence to get you to the next stage of your career. 

Our events and workshops can be accessed online—anywhere at any time—and focus on leadership, career advancement and preparation, diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and technical skills. While we focus on the needs of women and non-binary individuals, people of all genders are welcome in our community. ACT-W+ aims to keep its content as accessible as possible through free Basic memberships and Premium membership scholarships for people in need—apply today!


Volunteering + Leadership

ChickTech wouldn’t be possible without the volunteers who make up most of our community. There are many opportunities for you to build your leadership skills and network, and most importantly, improve the lives of youth and adults of marginalized genders in technology. From organizing an individual ACT-W event to being a leader at your closest ChickTech location; joining the ACT-W Conference task force to running a workshop for high school students, we need you and your unique skills!

To learn more, check out our Volunteer Page and review our postings on VolunteerMatch.

Speak at an ACT-W Event

We’re always looking for thought leaders, technical experts, and change-makers to speak at one of our many events for professionals. Speaker applications are always open to submit a presentation or workshop for our membership platform, ACT-W+. You can check if our ACT-W Conference speaker application form is open or sign up to receive email notifications here.

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