ChickTech: For Professionals

ChickTech is a welcoming community that supports, empowers, and educates adults of all genders, with a focus on those who identify as women.

With chapters across the country, we have built a multi-generational movement where people everywhere are improving their lives, the lives of girls in their area, and the technology industry. Too often, we hear that women in tech feel isolated and alone.

By participating in ChickTech, you’re building both your career and your support network! All people are welcome, regardless of gender or how technical you feel you are (or are not). Check out our Locations page to find the chapter nearest you, and we hope you’ll join us soon!

ACT-W Portland 2015. Photo by Wojtek Rajski.

ACT-W Conference.

ACT-W Conference.

Austin Brains + Brews 2017. Photo by Elliot Aquila.

ACT-W Bay Area 2017.

Professional Opportunities

ACT-W Conferences

Advancing the Careers of Technical Women is a ChickTech conference that will help with career advancement, build your supportive community, find interesting companies looking to hire women in tech, and learn new technical and career skills. We ran ACT-W in 7 cities in 2017 and are continuing to grow! Plus, we’re always looking for people who want to teach workshops and speak! You don’t need to prove you’re “technical” or a woman to attend. All are welcome!



ChickTech chapters run meetup events in each city to build a positive network and sense of belonging for women. These include networking events, tech workshops, and career-enhancing events.

Check out Our Meetups Page to find your closest chapter’s meetup group!

Volunteering + Leadership

ChickTech wouldn’t be possible without the volunteers who make up most of our community. There are many opportunities for you to build your leadership skills and network, and most importantly, improve the lives of girls and women in technology. From being a leader in your local chapter to joining the ACT-W National conference task force to running workshops for high school girls, we need you and your unique skills.

To learn more, or if you’re ready to be a change leader, check out our Volunteer Page and review our postings on Volunteer Match.

ChickTech: Jobs

Are you looking for a new job in tech? Check out our Job Board, and reach out to a strong and connected network of companies looking to hire diverse talent to fill some great jobs! Our national network consists of 15,000 members and is rapidly expanding daily, companies who have embraced the many benefits of building a diverse and inclusive team.

ChickTech: Jobs

ACT-W Bay Area 2017. Photo by.