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Our career programs are catered to the needs of young professionals in tech and help create an equitable future for all. From webinars to conferences, digital networking to career coaching, our programs help hundreds of women, non-binary people, and allies advance their careers and advocate for positive industry change.

No matter who you are, you belong in STEM.

Whether you’re a technologist, marketer, diversity advocate, HR specialist, or a project manager, technology needs you to help lead the charge! The ChickTech community consists of talented professionals and advocates from a wide range of backgrounds, skillsets, and experience levels. We believe that fostering a safe, supportive, diverse community is crucial in our work fighting for gender equality in tech. In tech’s rapidly growing landscape, it is critical that all people are included, regardless of their gender identity or technical prowess.

We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for our staff, volunteers, and program participants. Our Code of Conduct helps us ensure that ChickTech events and programs are safe and positive, and outlines our expectations for all those who participate in our community.

Upcoming Events & Programs

Volunteer Opportunities

ChickTech wouldn’t be possible without the volunteers who make up most of our community. From organizing an individual adult or high school event to helping us conduct outreach to recruit more students, we need you and your unique skills!

Online Job Board

Are you looking for a new job in tech? Check out our Job Board, and reach out to a strong and connected network of companies looking to hire diverse talent to fill some great jobs! Looking to recruit a talented technical professional?

What our participants have to say:

Are you the same organization behind ACT-W?

Yes! As of 2024, we’ve decided to merge the ACT-W (Advancing the Careers of Technical Women) brand with ChickTech to help unify our communities of students and adults in STEM.

You can now find information about our annual conferences, upcoming events, and programs for adults in tech on this page.

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