ChickTech: College & University

Please note that we are not currently running ChickTech: College programs.

ChickTech: College is a program designed to connect women in STEM majors at colleges and universities across the globe with informal peer and industry mentorships, community connection, and give-back opportunities. Our goal is to increase community and women’s ability to be successful in a STEM career. Through the ChickTech: College program, students connect to the broader STEM industry in their city and across the country to strengthen leadership skills, build self-confidence, and network with local companies to learn more about internship and job opportunities. 

Women earn only 18% of undergraduate computer and information sciences degrees.[2] Because of this, women in computing fields often feel isolated, inferior, and like they don’t belong.

ChickTech: College chapters build meaningful community throughout the United States. From Portland State University to Embry Riddle, our chapters provide events throughout the year that are designed for women in STEM majors by women in STEM majors. 

[2] Girls in IT: The Facts Infographic, National Center for Women & Information Technology.


Below are some examples of workshops led by our ChickTech: College chapters.

College Chapters run impactful events in their community. They identify and solve problems for women and allies in STEM at their unique university. Each ChickTech: College chapter runs 6 events per school year. Events encompass the following categories:

– Mentorship Events
– Partner Events
– Give Back Events
– Soft Skills Workshops
– Technical Workshops
– Industry Events

Below are in-depth descriptions of ChickTech: College event types and examples.

Mentorship Events

Mentorship is a core component of current ChickTech programming. College programming will continue this legacy by hosting events that encourage mentorship between students and peer mentors, academic mentors, or industry mentors.  

Example: Senior-Freshman Mentor Night

Partner Events

Your college chapter location may be home to many women-in-tech organizations and chapters. These established communities present ideal opportunities to collaborate, share resources, and cross-promote. Chapters will build relationships with community partners and determine how best to collaborate.

Example: Women in STEM, ChickTech, and SWE Social

Give Back Events

ChickTech prides itself on a “give and get” model, where each ChickTech community members receive support, while giving support to other members. While ChickTech: College chapters will receive support from regional chapters and career level adults, they’ll also give back to K-12 programs and students.

Example: Robotics Workshop at the ChickTech High School Kickoff 

Soft Skills Workshops

Developing relevant workplace soft skills is essential for any college student. However, technical fields are infamous for the “soft skills gap” in their employees and culture. By empowering women STEM majors with soft skills, students will have the opportunity to set themselves apart in the job search, build confidence, and develop a robust network.

Example: Salary Negotiation Workshop

Technical Workshops

Technical majors give students many opportunities to learn technology, however, the curriculum often fails to break down the barriers to new and relevant technology. Technical workshops will provide students with the opportunity to learn new technology in their region, expose a diversity of students to technology, and learn relevant technical skills for their career.

Example: Learn to 3D Print: Fusion 360 Workshop

Industry Events

As a way to connect our members of the ChickTech: College chapter to the tech industry, college chapter leadership will build relationships with local technology companies. Each of these companies will have the opportunity to share internships and jobs on the ChickTech Job Board and well as running events in partnership with the ChickTech: College chapter.

Example: Career Advance with Iovation

Portland State University 2018 Kickoff. Photo by Wojtek Rajski.