ChickTech Locations

ChickTech is proud to be a national organization impacting people of all genders and ages in locations around the world. To date, we’ve served participants from more than 34 U.S. states and 19 countries, and have worked with volunteer teams in 28 cities across the U.S.

ChickTech’s Impact Around the World

Since 2012, ChickTech has aimed to bring inclusive, free & low-cost, and empowering technology education and community connections to people of marginalized genders around the world. We believe that every girl, woman, and non-binary person of any age deserves access to high-quality programming that helps them realize their dreams in STEM.

ChickTech is proud to have served people of all genders in more than 25 cities, and more than 30 states across the U.S. And since the introduction of virtual programming in early 2020, we’ve expanded to serving participants in more than 15 countries, including Canada, Mexico, India, Germany, Nigeria, Australia, Japan, and Brazil.

Program and Volunteer Team Locations

We welcome you to participate in our programs or volunteer with ChickTech, no matter where you live. Many of our programs are hosted online, reducing the barriers to access based on physical location. We currently have volunteer teams active in the U.S. locations listed below.

No in-person programs or volunteer teams near you? We want to bring them to your location! Contact us to learn more about starting a volunteer team or program in your city. We also offer individual volunteer opportunities for anyone to support our mission at the national level.

ChickTech: Austin

Austin, Texas, USA · Est. 2015 ·

ChickTech’s Austin community has made a huge impact on people of all ages and genders. The team has run ACT-W Conferences, youth workshops and mentorships, highly successful fundraisers, and events for adults in technology.

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ChickTech: Central Oregon

Bend, Oregon, USA · Est. 2018 ·

ChickTech is proud to support rural communities in Central Oregon, including the cities of Bend, Prineville, and Redmond. Our passionate team of volunteers has worked to provide equipment and educational events for people of all ages and genders.

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ChickTech: Dallas

Dallas, Texas, USA · Est. 2018 ·

Our work in Dallas, Texas is emerging quickly! The dedicated volunteer team of women and allies has focused on providing educational and networking tech-centric events for adults of marginalized genders.

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ChickTech: Denver

Denver, Colorado, USA · Est. 2017 ·

Founded by ChickTech Board Member Elizabeth Gotto, our Denver team has hosted online and in-person events for Denver high school students, and is currently piloting ChickTech’s one-on-one youth mentoring program.

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ChickTech: Portland

Portland, Oregon, USA · Est. 2012 ·

ChickTech’s headquarters is located in beautiful Portland, Oregon. Our first youth programs launched here in 2012, and our inaugural ACT-W Conference was held at Portland State University in 2015.

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ChickTech: Raleigh-Durham

Raleigh, North Carolina, USA · Est. 2016 ·

ChickTech: Raleigh-Durham provides crucial support and resources in central North Carolina. The dedicated volunteer team has offered high school workshops and day-long networking events for technical women, non-binary people, and girls.

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Bring ChickTech to your location!

Are you interested in starting a volunteer team or bringing in-person ChickTech programs to a location near you? Contact us to learn more! We also welcome individual volunteers to support our mission by helping us plan online programs and drive our organizational goals at the national level. Check out our open volunteer opportunities to get involved.

ChickTech Career Event.

Portland 2015 High School Kickoff. Photo by Wojtek Rajski.

Portland 2015 High School Kickoff. Photo by Wojtek Rajski.

ACT-W Conference.

High School Kickoff Event.

Austin 2016 High School Kickoff.