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Participant Survey Results

We had an amazing first ChickTech: High School last month, where 99 high school girls from throughout the Portland area came to Portland State University on the weekend of Jan. 26-27 for tech workshops taught and run by an all-volunteer crew of Portland-area professionals passionate about getting more girls interested in and confident in high tech. 

The girls had a lot of fun while each creating their tech items, which they showcased at the end of the weekend. These items included computers, robots and smartphone apps! Thank you so much to those who volunteered, and to those of you who came to the Tech Show at the end of the weekend—It meant a lot to the participants to have people so excited by what they were able to create. It was a full house!

This data is based on surveys the participants filled out prior to and after the ChickTech: High School weekend. The following reports the increase reported between how they felt before the event, versus after.
* 14.4% increase in confidence in technical abilities.
* 21.3% increase in feeling like they have a technical community for support.
* 18.7% increase in feeling like they know of people and tools they can use to answer their technical questions.
* A full 2/3 of our participants had never done any tech-related class or workshop before (unless it was a school requirement).
** Anecdotal Success Results

You be the judge on how successful the event was: check out our Facebook ( page for photos, shot by volunteer professional photographers!

In their own words: Read quotes from three girls ( who met at ChickTech and found the experience made an impact on their lives.

Success of ChickTech: High School led to more exposure for ChickTech at Oregon State University (read here ( and at a NASA-backed organization (read here (

Press: ChickTech has been contacted by Portland State University, Portland Youth Builders and MetroEast Community Media for more press, public service announcements, and speaking opportunities.