ChickTech: Partnerships

At ChickTech, we believe that working together is how we will fulfill our mission. Whether it’s partnering with companies, other nonprofits or community groups, or individuals, we strive to always be a community that welcomes collaboration.

Make your commitment to diversity known! By partnering with ChickTech you demonstrate that you and your company are committed to diversity and equity in technology. Join our community and know that you are helping to provide girls and women with the technical knowledge and community of support for their success!

Partnership Opportunities

Program partnerships

Are you a nonprofit that has a similar mission? A company that wants to run a workshop that will inspire girls to a tech career? We want to work with you to support your participants, help your community, advertise your opportunities, and in general create a thriving ecosystem together that brings us closer to a tech industry that empowers and includes people of all genders.

Examples: Running a workshop for Girl Scouts troops to earn their STEM badge. Asking the Boys and Girls Club to nominate deserving and often low-income high schoolers to our program. Providing free space at our ACT-W conferences to related groups and nonprofits to help women build their community. Running combined community events with Women Who Code, Girl Develop It, and Lesbians Who Tech. Announcing tech-related opportunities from NCWIT to our previous high school cohorts. Providing an annual “Agile in a Day” workshop for high schoolers, hosted and run by CDK Global.

In-Kind and Sponsorship

When we have the resources we need, our impact dramatically increases! Through in-kind donations of used computers, software licenses, and venues, we’re able to run many amazing events for both youth and adults. And for the things that can’t be donated, our sponsors make it happen! Whether that’s sponsoring ACT-W or a Meetup event on the adult side, providing a donation to the high school program, and/or offering scholarships to ChickTech participants, sponsors make what we do possible. And in turn, we work to better the technology industry by both creating a pipeline of great talent and helping to find, support, and retain the diverse talent that’s already there.


Our organization thrives because of amazing people who believe the technology industry will be its “best self” when it includes everyone equally. Whether you’re a company looking for a way to empower its employees or an individual wanting to make a difference, we need you in our community! With thousands of volunteers across the country, you can be assured that you’ll be in great company. Visit our Volunteer Page for more information!

PSU 2016 High School Kickoff. Photo by Wojtek Rajski.