Photo by : Unknown

Author : Jo Rossman

Volunteers needed for underwater lego robotics camp in Beaverton

UNDERWATER LEGO ROBOTS!  Yes, you read that right – underwater Lego robots. A great opportunity to volunteer.  Beaverton will have its first underwater Lego robotics Splash Camp. This first camp will be in June 2013 for high school girls.  As a contrast to huge class sizes this year (sometimes over 50 in Beaverton High Schools), this camp will be for 10 girls – two for each Lego kit.

This is an awesome program whose lessons were written with a National Science Foundation grant will give you a quick overview of the lessons for this five-day camp.  I’m hoping ChickTech volunteers will be available to be our guests during lunch at camp, and talk about their passions — programming, engineering, design, …  If someone had more time, I would love to have you stay for a day (6 hours) or all five days if possible.  You could join us in solving challenges on the surface of the water and vertical motion challenges underwater in an 8-foot diameter pool.

I am so excited for girls to get their hands on these robots.  They’ll discover technical talents they didn’t know they had.  At the end of the first Splash Camp, these high school girls will become leaders for similar Splash Camps for younger middle school girls.

If you could join us please contact:  [email protected] for details.

Jo Rossman