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Women in Tech Series – Jennifer Ng Ain Kin

This is our first Women in Tech participant. Jennifer Ng Ain Kin is a Project Manager of Regulatory Affairs at Abbott Point of Care. Through our contact, I learned that Jennifer is a mother of two and has lots to say about her career. Thanks Jennifer for being the first one to participate in this really awesome series!

Jennifer Ng Ain Kin

Six Word Memoir:

Always Be Myself. Now. Then. Later.

How has being a women influenced/affected your career?

“I have never been subjected to any pointed discrimination during my 20+ year career but I still have some difficult situations which I think would have been smoother if I was a man. E.g. Peers stereotyping me as a submissive Asian woman at sight and then not able to reconcile with me: very articulate, very well-informed and will not cower when facing obstacles.”

Do you have any stories or particularly memorable experiences?

“Many many … I love making connections. Making others successful is what I enjoy doing. Not for myself. I know that I am limited by my current knowledge and skills but I figured a while back that I can be the catalyst to many so I try my best to make these connections happen. E.g. a young man in India wrote an article in the IEEE Institute about using simple programs on tablets to encourage children in rural areas of India to become interested in technology. He believes that educating the next generations will be the solution to the issues facing his homeland. As a member of IEEE for a very long time (23+ years) and a volunteer for over a decade, I have an extensive network of IEEE peers. I happen to know that there was going to be a student congress in Hyderabad last July. It would be 3 days where student members would gather to discuss very pertinent issues facing India and come up with some recommendations/plans. Also many IEEE executives would be present. I sent an email to the organizers (who knew me well since I gave a workshop in 2011) to invite this young man and if there were any expenses, to find him a sponsor. He was able to attend and also met the manufacturer of the Aakash, the very inexpensive Indian tablet. He will be working with them to get tablets to bring his project to fruition. The world is so much smaller than when I was younger so really helping others should not have so many limitations.”

What has been the proudest moment of your life?

“My children. Did you know that most women in technology are either not married, married with no kids or only have one kid? Saw this statistics somewhere. Basically women cannot indeed have it all. We all need to make choices.  I made compromises in my career (no longer doing design) to reach the balance I can have now.  I also choose a partner that could understand my career and passion.”

Advice for the next generation?

“Be passionate with whatever you do. Life is meant for the living so live it. Also spend time “being” and not constantly “doing”. There will be situations where there is nothing to do but being there, in the moment, will matter.”

Activities outside of career?

“Married to another EE, mom to two boys (11 and 8), Zumba fanatic and learning to play the ukulele.”

What got you into the tech industry?

“My father (not a techie) bought me a ZX Sinclair Spectrum computer when I was about 10 and I was able to write simple code without any help and it amazed me how I could do this and I wanted to learn more about computers ever since.”

Thanks again Jennifer!