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ChickTech: High School is a free program that includes interactive tech workshops, mentoring, and internship connections for 8th- to 12th-grade female, non-binary, and other gender minority students (including transgender youth of any gender presentation or identity).

All high school students deserve an inclusive, empowering tech education.

We believe that access to technology career opportunities for girls and non-binary youth is critical, both to the industry and to their lives. Our future is being shaped by technology every day, and we deserve an equal say. ChickTech: High School provides a supportive and welcoming environment for students to learn, create, and do while surrounded by mentors and friends.

Many young women and non-binary adults do not reach their potential in tech because they were told it wasn’t for them. Some are led to think it is too difficult; others do not have role models in the field to help encourage and guide them. ChickTech: High School exists to break down the barriers preventing historically-marginalized youth from thriving in STEM.

Our programs are designed to be super-inclusive. We encourage all students to tell us about any ways we can reduce or eliminate barriers to joining when they register.

Upcoming Events & Programs

All events are targeted towards high school aged girls and non-binary youth. Transgender students of any gender presentation or identity are welcome.

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Interactive workshops

From artificial intelligence to robotics, web development to career planning

Discord channel

A supportive online community to chat about tech (& beyond!)


Guided, time-bound mentorship programs with professionals working in STEM

No hw or fees!

No homework, attendance requirements, or fees. It's 100% free to join!

Who We Serve

We work with girls and non-binary students in grades 8-12. Any student who identifies with a marginalized gender is welcome to join to our programs, including transgender students of any gender expression or identity. We prioritize supporting further-underserved students in STEM, including students of color (particularly Black, Hispanic, and Indigenous students), LGBTQ+ students, and low-income students. Accommodations are provided whenever possible to break down participation barriers like access to a computer and reliable internet. 

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Volunteer to Support ChickTech Youth

ChickTech is working to advance a diverse pipeline of girls and non-binary students into STEM careers, and we want YOU to get involved!

There are many ways to donate your time and expertise. You can help us coordinate in-person or virtual workshops, promote the program within your local community, and conduct outreach to high schools, to name a few roles. We can’t wait for you to join our community!

A male adult volunteer instructs two high school girls during a ChickTech robotics workshop.